'Happiness is an inside job...'
Our Story...
We (Aoife & Jon) formed Good for You Ferments in 2020 after running sauerkraut businesses since 2016. We began growing our own food after moving to a property with a one-acre garden in 2011 and after searching for new ways to preserve our gluts of vegetables we came across lacto-fermentation (an ancient way of preservation using salt).
We started making our own sauerkraut in 2014, and after giving lots away and then seeing the benefits to our family and friends who were eating it, we began selling at local markets in 2016. Since setting up our business we have juggled kids, grand-kids, jobs and a community garden but the passion and belief for our products have kept us going and not let us give up on own sauerkraut business dream.
This year we took the leap and along with all lessons learned along the way formed ‘Good for You Ferments’. Our goal is to run an environmentally friendly, sustainable business that produces top quality ferments for you. Sourcing local ingredients is extremely important to us and we always choose to buy local and use local services whenever we can. GFY Ferments currently has three local farmers that grow vegetables (mainly cabbages!) and all are less than 50miles away. It is extremely important to us that the vegetables we use in our ferments are either organic or grown using sustainable and regenerative (even better!) techniques. So when in season we always buy from small local producers who although not certified ‘organic’, grow without the use of chemicals. However, this means we can’t use the term ‘organic’ on our labels.
We’re big believers in the Law of Attraction and having this positive outlook has led us to meet lots of lovely people along our journey. Meeting Josh from Summit Good has resulted in us building a purpose-built kitchen at his ‘Summit Good’ site where our HQ is now based.
Our main goal is to encourage others to add fermented vegetables to their daily diet and by producing a range of tasty vibrant flavours, we hope to do just that!